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design is my passion

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The idea of owning a company was dreamed since a teenager, and from 2014 i started to level up my business experience. At older age i wanted to work within the IT area, so I began coding HTML & CSS, i created websites for few friends and family and completed sites with great feedback. In the year 2017 i changed ideas and dreams, Bitcoin come into my life for real and i put all my energy on Cryptocurrency trading.

I had great passion for Bitcoin but it has change now, because of the high risk level in Bitcoin business i decided to change branch to less risk business. There for WeFixo now in the year 2019 only focus on web development, welcome to WeFixo.

Practice Makes Perfect

Experienced web

good to know.

Year 2019 WeFixo changes branch from trading Bitcoins to web development.

Work Experience.

Different projects for friends and family, looking forward to start projects for businesses.


I’m self learned and have great potential to make you a good web designed website.

Knowledge is everything

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