I’m Patrik.

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The idea of owning a company was dreamed since a teenager, and from 2014 i started to level up my business experience. At older age i wanted to work within the IT area, so I began coding HTML & CSS, i created websites for few friends and family and completed sites with great feedback. In the year 2017 i changed ideas and dreams, Bitcoin come into my life for real and i put all my energy on cryptocurrency trading.

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In my earlier business i had great reputation and 100% feedback score, trusted by over 100 people with over 2.500+ trades!

I can assure you’ll be satisfied with my work in this new business i’m into, try me out and you’ll not be disappointed. 🙂

Knowledge is everything


web design

Together we draw up a sketch or give WeFixo the responsibility entirely to create a suitable web design.


As client at WeFixo there’s email and phone support 24/7, always there to help for you.


WeFixo can host your website, perfect for those who do not want to think about server management, updates etc.